Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Stressful Birthday But Looking Forward To Habs-Bruins tomorrow

So I'm halfway to 70 today but still a young 35, at least I think so. But I may have gotten some more gray hairs today as my MacBook laptop went into the Mac hospital I guess you'd call it. Good news though, all seems to be good with the MacBook I call "Stanley Comp" and I will be writing away from TD Garden in Boston tomorrow covering the first installment of the 2009-10 Habs-Bruins season series. Much thanks to JP Matta over at the Legacy Place Dedham Apple Store!

Writing my "Facing Off" preview right now and I have to tell you, I feel more like I'm 15 again and waiting for my late grandfather to pick me up and take me to the Boston Garden. There's just something about Bruins-Habs games that still gets the juices flowing!

As I also plan to write later for, this game and rivalry may be just what each struggling team needs. How can they not get up for another chapter of this storied rivalry. A win in this game could propel the winning team back on track. So we will see. Lots of new faces on the Montreal team but I'm sure when they step on that ice tomorrow night, they will figure out how special this rivalry is.

I know the Bruins understand what these games mean because many of them frequently ask me about the Habs and how they're doing due to my Montreal ties. So, hopefully that comes out on the ice and we get another classic. Maybe a few fisticuffs too? For now, I'll go back to writing and then dinner with my wife.

Oh and by the way, Go Pedro!



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