Friday, November 20, 2009

Greetings From Montreal!

Hello, Bonjour & Hóigh!

Hope you have a had a great week and enjoyed some great hockey!

Greetings from Montreal where as always people are fretting over the Habs! But as Pat Hickey points out, Carey Price is starting to come around and find his game. I said it here before folks and specifically for you Habs fans, don't give up on this kid. He will be a star!

Back in Boston, I'm hearing that Marc Savard is very close to signing as reported a seven-year deal but DPM is hearing it will be closer to or upwards of $40 million.

In other Bruins news, Milan Lucic returned to the lineup Thursday and Savard is expected to be back by Thanksgiving, most likely for the Bruins game at Minnesota November 25. But as I pointed out in a recent column for, if the Bruins don't tighten up there game again and start showing the trademark edge and emotion they built into their identity over the past two seasons, major changes could very well take place. Peter Chiarelli is on record as saying that he will be patient and he "believes" in this current team, but no one can argue they have grossly underachieved and if they don't get better with Savard and Lucic in the lineup that patience will wear thin.

So besides being here for the Habs-Red Wings Saturday night at the Bell Centre, I'm also in what has become my second home to see my good friends the Dropkick Murphys, for whom the title of my blog pays homage too. The Dropkicks are great hockey fans and of course have a song in honor of the Bruins.

But I'm looking forward to what to this date is the best intro to a concert I've ever witnessed! The build-up during this moment right before the band takes the stage is insane to say the least and Metropolis in Montreal should be rocking tonight! I'm convinced the Bruins should come onto the ice to this intro. Their PR and marketing staff can thank me when they do!



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