Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Murphy's Law Hits On My Birthday Eve But NESN.com's Adam Hirshfield Comes Through In The Clutch!

Wow, I feel like the Bruins power play or offense right now! Just a night of frustration as I tried to Live Blog the Bruins-Red Wings for NESN.com. First my MacBook laptop decided to slow and then freeze with that dreaded rainbow circle appearing halfway through the first period.

So I hopped onto my Mac Desktop thinking I could at least use that and deal with the laptop later. But low and behold, the desktop decides to pull the same act on me and now I'm in a pinch. Well, this continued throughout the game and by the end of the game I was sending gmail chat entries to my editor and savior tonight, Adam Hirshfield who was Chris Osgood-like calm under pressure. The entries were slowed every so often but Adam transcribed my verbal entries via phone and we made it through a frustrating 2-0 loss by the Bruins but not really frustrating because of their futile ways around the net, but just our struggles.

Thanks to Adam and the NESN.com crew for their help and patience. Guess I'll be spending time in the Apple Store Help Cafe on Wednesday, which happens to be my 35th birthday. I think they need a fully stocked bar in there no? Irish Coffees as you wait for them to fix your computers sounds just fine. Maybe just for my birthday?

As for the game, wondering if we'll hear all those "Red Wings dynasty is fading" folks tomorrow? That was text-book Wings dynasty hockey tonight. They were facing as Chris Osgood said after the game, a "snake-bitten" squad in the Bruins, but he looked great and the Red Wings simply dominated the neutral zone with their trademark puck possession. I honestly believe the Bruins would've snapped out of their slump against almost any other team tonight, but not against the Red Wings who can simply change the game on one play and get goaltending like they did from Osgood in his 50th career shutout.

Saw that Phil Kessel had a nice welcome back to the NHL from Lightning defenseman Mattias Ohlund tonight. Kessel had nine shots but didn't light the lamp in a 2-1 loss for Toronto to Tampa Bay. Kessel will get his goals but don't count on on 30-plus season without a center like Marc Savard setting him up.

Alright mates, off to bed on my last day before he I hit the halfway to 70 mark. I don't feel that old?



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