Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inside Hockey Radio Show October 31



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We've got a great show this week as Kings GM Dean Lombardi joins us as our featured guest. We'll chat up the Kings hot start and the importance of developing prospects. We also welcome on old friends Rob Simpson from the NHL Network and and former NHLer Ian Moran.

Our junior hockey expert Patrick King of joins us for the "Junior Circuit". Conor McKenna of the Team 990 is in to talk some NHL and as always we'll go Toe-to-Toe with Toddy Carroll as we tackle and debate the latest hot button issues across the hockey world.

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Latest from Bruins-Oilers preview;Bruins Plus-Minus and NHLPA

Happy Halloween!

Here are my latest features over at I have a Bruins-Oilers preview up there, my weekly Bruins Plus-Minus, and a feature on the false reports about the NHLPA suspending operations.



Friday, October 30, 2009

Contrary To Reports, NHLPA Is A Functioning Organization Still

There is report spreading like wild fire right now that the NHLPA has suspended operations and according to my sources that is "completely false." The NHLPA also just released this statement:

"Interim Executive Director Ian Penny informed the NHLPA staff and the NHLPA Executive Board earlier today that it is his position he has been constructively dismissed as Interim Executive Director of the NHLPA and can no longer work in the present circumstances. Effective today, Ian Penny is no longer employed by the NHLPA.

There have been inaccurate media reports circulating today that the NHLPA has suspended operations. The NHLPA staff continues to work very hard on behalf of the players in all areas of the Association's business and will continue to do so going forward.

The NHLPA will make no further comment today on this internal matter."

HockeyCentral @ Noon’s Nick Kypreos reported earlier today that the NHLPA “is not a functioning organization right now.” and that "Interim Executive Director Ian Penny and Ombudsman Buzz Hargrove have also had their responsibilities suspended.

Both according to my sources are false reports.

"The NHLPA is still up and running," one source told me just a few minutes ago. "Also, Penny resigned and he wasn't suspended."

Kypreos also reported that "the NHLPA prevented Penny and Hargrove from contacting player representatives."

Kypreos is right on that but everything else is not accurate according to the two sources. According to these sources, yes Penny and Hargrove haven't been privy to recent transgressions within the NHLPA but that is the players' right and choice. For the last week they have chosen to not include Penny and Hargrove because they are the ones being investigated right now. Maybe Penny and Hargrove should ask Paul Kelly how that feels?

There is a lot of negative stuff that is about to break on Penny, Hargrove and what went down with the whole Kelly firing. The review committee of Mark Recchi, Nicklas Lidstrom, Rob Blake and Chris Chelios are currently reviewing the Kelly firing and this Kypreos report appears to be spin control by Penny and Hargrove in advance of what they must anticipate will be news that will cast them in a negative light.

But the bottom line is yes there is no official Executive Director but the NHLPA is still up and running and from the sounds of it, doing what Paul Kelly should've and probably wishes he did, clean house!



Recent Puck Scribblings; Bergeron Back But Lack Of Respect Still Exists Amongst NHLers

Happy Friday! Hope you have your costumes ready and have a great Halloween weekend!

So here is my weekly story update from Had a good talk with Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron who suffered a grade 3 concussion just over two years ago on October 27. Kind of ironic that we're talking about such hits exactly two years later but I guess as this story proves, there still needs to be more respect in the game.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Live Blogging Bruins-Devils over at; Chara calls out Ovechkin

Live blogging over at

Also earlier today I wrote a piece on the the Bruins' reactions to the recent rash of controversial hits. Interesting quotes from Chara as he basically says about time the league punishes Alexander Ovechkin for slew-footing and stopped giving him star treatment.

"There's been more of that lately and it's a dangerous play, too," Chara said of slew-footing. "I know that people want to go see star players but you can't have double standards. A slew-foot is a slew-foot no matter who does it."

Back to live blogging...



Writing away at Porter's Bar; Brick between the benches Saturday

And no there has been no Guinness or Shipyard Pumpkin Head Ale consumed. However, post-game I will most definitely have to partake in some "Black-O-Lantern" which is a "Black and Tan" but with the Shipyard Pumpkin Head Ale in place of the Bass. That is now my official adult beverage of October.

I did enjoy a delicious Greek salad w/steak tips though and now I will have some steak and eggs for breakfast tomorrow thanks to the hefty portion served by the crew here. Speaking of the crew here, as I listen to "Melnick In The Afternoon" on the Team 990 online, I am being served by a wonderful waitress from Montreal, Katuah.

Mitch Melnick would like her I think because as he does, she has great taste in music. A little Etta James never hurt the soul. I also think he would like this place in general and the fine bartending of my mate Jim Mitchell. Jim is also a pretty solid musician. If you're in the North Station area on Halloween, Jim and his guided by voices tribute called Hot Freaks are playing the Porter's Halloween party. Might have take Mitch here if he ever comes down for a Bruins-Habs game but for now I think he'll be just fine watching Arlo Guthrie.

OK, back to writing, but before we do, NESN and Versus color man Andy Brickley will be between the benches for the Oilers-Bruins matinee at 1 p.m. Saturday on NESN. I also see that the Pens will be without Evgeni Malkin for possibly 2-3 weeks as he is out with a shoulder strain. While other teams will definitely suffer from the loss of their star players, something tells me the defending Stanley Cup Champions will keep motoring along.



Yann Danis relieves Martin Brodeur tonight; Updating all day and tonight on Bruins-Devils

At the TD Garden today for the Bruins-Devils. Of note from the game day skate, Yann Danis gets his first start of the season for the Devils tonight as he relieves Martin Brodeur who has started all ten of the games the Devils have played.

I should have an update up on soon but my "Facing Off" preview is up there already as well as the first entry to my Live Blog. Disappointed to find out from Tom Gulitti over at his Fire and Ice blog that Andrew Peters replacing Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond on the fourth line. Really wanted to see how they fit that name on the back of Pierre-Luc's jersey! But looking forward to a possible Shawn Thornton-Andrew Peters bout.

By the way, have a piece on on the four new coaches in Div. 1 college hockey this season. Pretty amazing resume for Nebraska-Omaha head coach Dean Blais and great chatting with C.J. Marottolo of Sacred Heart and good friend of my co-host on the Inside Hockey Radio Show, Toddy Carroll!

OK, off to Porter's Bar and Grille for my game day lunch. Will update soon.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On NESN SportsDesk Tonight 10 p.m. talking Bruins/NHL; great Tim Thomas quote

I will be chatting Bruins and NHL on NESN Sportsdesk tonight. Until then, chilling in my old neck of the woods, H2O Town. Having some lunch with Joe Haggerty ( or for you Twitter followers @HackswithHaggs.

Here's my update at from practice, basically what I said in earlier post. Looks like Tim Thomas vs. Martin Brodeur tomorrow night at the TD Garden.

Lots of writing to do but since we mentioned Thomas, here's a quickie from the reigning Vezina Trophy winner regarding goalies getting rushed and bowled over with more frequency. Apparently it is happening in practices too. Thomas claimed he has had to warn some teammates on more than one occasion to not crash the net in practice. One teammate replied:

"Are you scared I'll end your career or something?"

To which Thomas replied:

"No I was thinking I may have to end yours!"

Timmy is old school and doesn't take that from anyone! Jason Blake and Erik Cole take notice.



Bruins Practice Update 10/28

In the "Ice Box" in Wilmington, MA watching the tail end of Bruins practice. Full squad on the ice today. Players look to be serious, yet enjoying themselves out there. Talked a bit with GM Peter Chiarelli, who admitted he is in pain from a recent scope of his knee for loose cartilage.

Chiarelli believes that head shots and predatory hits will continue to be a hot-button issue when GM's meet in Toronto following the Hall of Fame inductions but does not expect any specific penalty or rule against such hits to derive from the meetings or recent incidents.

I am kind of in the same boat and will get more response from players today for a piece I should have up on later today or tonight.

I will have more from here soon. Getting ready to go in for quotes.


Murph Northeast Division Notes October 28/Sens rediscover winning ways

My latest Northeast Division Notebook at is up. Congrats again to Mark Recchi on his 1,500th game and also to Mike Cammalleri for his early success with the Habs! Both great fits for each respective team.

I also have a piece up at on the surprising Senators. They may have looked shaky in their last two outings but they are definitely one of the early season surprises.

Off to Bruins practice in Wilmington, MA. Enjoy your days!



My apologies but Happy Belated "Break The Curse Day"!

Five years ago yesterday the Boston Red Sox broke the curse and won their first World Series in 86 years! I was at 21 Nickels Pub and Grille in Watertown. I'll never forget that and I will also never forget how I had two-week long hangover that never felt so good!

Happy belated "Break The Curse Day"!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marchand yakking it up!

Checkout this comical piece by my good friend and colleague Joe Haggerty on Bruins rookie Brad Marchand who does his best to get under the skin of the opponent every game.

Great account of an encounter with Flyers forward Scott Hartnell!



2010 NHL Draft in LA. Checkout this Bruins draft pick blog!

Yesterday I reported on a story by Rich Hammond in his LA Kings Insider blog on the Kings official website that the 2010 NHL Entry Draft will take place in Los Angeles either at the STAPLES Center or Nokia Center.

In my story I pointed out that the Bruins are currently slated to pick five times in the first two rounds of that draft. Well, friend and colleague Kirk Leudeke gave me a shout out on his blog that updates where those picks currently stand in the numerical order of the draft. He doesn't factor in the lottery but either way, the Bruins look to be in good shape for the future and possibly on that day, given they don't trade away the majority of those picks.

Great site Kirk and hope you're well. As always, thanks for your service to our country!



Update: Karlsson to Binghamton official

According to the Ottawa Sun's Don Brennan, rookie defenseman Erik Karlsson is now on his way to Binghamton and will be playing there for now. Sens GM Bryan Murray also told Brennan that playing for the Baby Sens won't count as a year towards Karlsson's NHL contract as I reported here earlier. Sorry about that!



Kings GM Dean Lombardi confirmed for 10/31 Inside Hockey Radio Show

I have confirmed that Kings GM Dean Lombardi will be a guest on the Inside Hockey Radio Show this Saturday at 3:25 p.m. ET. The Kings are off to a great start and all their drafting and development of their young prospects appears to be finally coming to fruition. Lombardi was instrumental in this process and is sure to be a great interview!

Remember you can listen to the show every Saturday from 2-4 p.m. ET on "NHL Home Ice" XM 204 and Sirius 208, and 3-4 on the Team 990 in Montreal. You can also find the archives here and at



Source: Sens to keep Karlsson and assign him to Binghamton

I have been told by a reliable source that the Senators will keep rookie defenseman Erik Karlsson and assign him to Binghamton. Karlsson, who was selected 15th overall in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, has reached his nine-game tryout limit and through nine games he has only three assists and is a team worst minus 4.

“We’re going to have to make a decision, obviously, within the next 24 or 48 hours,” head coach Cory Clouston told the Ottawa Sun Monday. “There are some pros and cons (for keeping Karlsson). It’s going to be a tough decision either way. You’ve got to make a decision on what’s best for him in the long run and obviously what’s best for us immediately. There are a few other things we have to consider other than just his play and his development.”

Apparently GM Bryan Murray and Clouston have decided that it is better for Karlsson's development to remain in North America and under their watch.



My latest writing...

You can find my latest hockey scribblings every day at and check every Wednesday for my Northeast Division notes and every other Thursday (including this Thursday October 29) for On Campus, a college hockey column by Bob Snow and myself.



First post

Hello and welcome to my new blog DropPuckMurphy!

First off, a special thanks to Kevin Greenstein, Editor In Chief of for helping me set this space up. Kevin has been instrumental in my growth as a hockey reporter and is a close friend. Thanks KG!

So I've created this space to basically serve as a spot for me to link my latest hockey scribblings and also the latest edition of the Inside Hockey Radio Show which I host with Toddy Carroll every Saturday 2-4 p.m. ET on "NHL Home Ice" XM 204 and Sirius 208 and 3-4 p.m. ET on the Team 990 in Montreal (

I will also share my latest thoughts and scoops on current hockey topics and happenings as well as a little glimpse into the adventure that is my life as a Johnny Cash, Irish punk-rock and reggae loving hockey scribe. Obviously, the site name is influenced from the greatest Irish punk rock band of all time, the Dropkick Murphys, both supporters and good friends of mine. Thanks to them for so many good memories and hockey talk!

I feel I have been blessed to have first off my family, friends and health but also at times a interesting, comical and enjoyable career and life. So here and there, I'll try and bring you the reader into it.

I will also share links to stories, blogs, audio clips and videos, especially those done by my friends and colleagues in the business.

I have no idea really how this will be received but I needed an online home of my own, so here it is! Thanks so much to all who have supported me and helped me get to where I am today, especially my amazing wife and my family!

OK, that's all for now!