Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2010 NHL Draft in LA. Checkout this Bruins draft pick blog!

Yesterday I reported on a story by Rich Hammond in his LA Kings Insider blog on the Kings official website that the 2010 NHL Entry Draft will take place in Los Angeles either at the STAPLES Center or Nokia Center.

In my story I pointed out that the Bruins are currently slated to pick five times in the first two rounds of that draft. Well, friend and colleague Kirk Leudeke gave me a shout out on his blog that updates where those picks currently stand in the numerical order of the draft. He doesn't factor in the lottery but either way, the Bruins look to be in good shape for the future and possibly on that day, given they don't trade away the majority of those picks.

Great site Kirk and hope you're well. As always, thanks for your service to our country!



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