Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On NESN SportsDesk Tonight 10 p.m. talking Bruins/NHL; great Tim Thomas quote

I will be chatting Bruins and NHL on NESN Sportsdesk tonight. Until then, chilling in my old neck of the woods, H2O Town. Having some lunch with Joe Haggerty ( or for you Twitter followers @HackswithHaggs.

Here's my update at from practice, basically what I said in earlier post. Looks like Tim Thomas vs. Martin Brodeur tomorrow night at the TD Garden.

Lots of writing to do but since we mentioned Thomas, here's a quickie from the reigning Vezina Trophy winner regarding goalies getting rushed and bowled over with more frequency. Apparently it is happening in practices too. Thomas claimed he has had to warn some teammates on more than one occasion to not crash the net in practice. One teammate replied:

"Are you scared I'll end your career or something?"

To which Thomas replied:

"No I was thinking I may have to end yours!"

Timmy is old school and doesn't take that from anyone! Jason Blake and Erik Cole take notice.



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