Friday, October 30, 2009

Contrary To Reports, NHLPA Is A Functioning Organization Still

There is report spreading like wild fire right now that the NHLPA has suspended operations and according to my sources that is "completely false." The NHLPA also just released this statement:

"Interim Executive Director Ian Penny informed the NHLPA staff and the NHLPA Executive Board earlier today that it is his position he has been constructively dismissed as Interim Executive Director of the NHLPA and can no longer work in the present circumstances. Effective today, Ian Penny is no longer employed by the NHLPA.

There have been inaccurate media reports circulating today that the NHLPA has suspended operations. The NHLPA staff continues to work very hard on behalf of the players in all areas of the Association's business and will continue to do so going forward.

The NHLPA will make no further comment today on this internal matter."

HockeyCentral @ Noon’s Nick Kypreos reported earlier today that the NHLPA “is not a functioning organization right now.” and that "Interim Executive Director Ian Penny and Ombudsman Buzz Hargrove have also had their responsibilities suspended.

Both according to my sources are false reports.

"The NHLPA is still up and running," one source told me just a few minutes ago. "Also, Penny resigned and he wasn't suspended."

Kypreos also reported that "the NHLPA prevented Penny and Hargrove from contacting player representatives."

Kypreos is right on that but everything else is not accurate according to the two sources. According to these sources, yes Penny and Hargrove haven't been privy to recent transgressions within the NHLPA but that is the players' right and choice. For the last week they have chosen to not include Penny and Hargrove because they are the ones being investigated right now. Maybe Penny and Hargrove should ask Paul Kelly how that feels?

There is a lot of negative stuff that is about to break on Penny, Hargrove and what went down with the whole Kelly firing. The review committee of Mark Recchi, Nicklas Lidstrom, Rob Blake and Chris Chelios are currently reviewing the Kelly firing and this Kypreos report appears to be spin control by Penny and Hargrove in advance of what they must anticipate will be news that will cast them in a negative light.

But the bottom line is yes there is no official Executive Director but the NHLPA is still up and running and from the sounds of it, doing what Paul Kelly should've and probably wishes he did, clean house!



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