Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thomas Moving On From Bad Start; My Take On The Last Week Of Bruins Hockey And The Marc Savard Deal

Hello, Bonjour & Hóigh!

Off to TD Garden in a bit for the Bruins game day skate and Marc Savard presser but here's my latest at The more I cover Tim Thomas, the more respect I have for this guy. Crowd turned on him the other night but he takes it like a man and moves on. He's always been proving doubters wrong and he'll do it again! Here's some reaction from Tim, to the "Bronx cheers" he heard Saturday night.

Also, here's my latest Sportsdesk clip. Cole Wright cranking out a new nickname for Tuukka Rask!

Have a great Day and don't forget to check for my Bruins-Lightning preview and Live Bruins Blog tonight.



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  1. Those Bronx cheers made me sick. I'd like to see them get in goal and do his job. They'd be crying and wanting to get out ASAP. Good on ya, Tim, for not letting them get to you!